Denver FIRST

Denver FIRST serves as a regional hub for expertise in forensic mental health. We foster community and university partnerships through a host of research, service and training opportunities. Current projects and partnerships include work with adults and juveniles involved with the criminal justice system. Areas of particular expertise include forensic mental health evaluations, outpatient competency restoration, immigration/asylum issues and forensic neuropsychology.

Our policy and advocacy work focuses on improving forensic mental health systems, ensuring standards for professionals and evaluations, and advocating for legislative reform for marginalized persons. Our accomplished faculty hosts a wide range of forensic psychology expertise. By engaging in research, clinical services and training, we aim to improve forensic mental health practices locally and globally. Denver FIRST also utilizes contract- and grant-funded opportunities to partner with community mental health and criminal justice agencies in the provision of direct mental health services.

Denver FIRST offers a variety of services: call 303-871-3877 for more information.
Some services are offered through the Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC).

Some of these services include:

  • Restoration to competency treatment
  • Animal maltreatment evaluations and therapy
  • Criminal evaluations (mental status at the time of the offense evaluations, school or fire threat/risk assessments, competency evaluations, sentencing evaluations)
  • Immigration evaluations (Asylum, Hardship, T visa, U visa, N648, etc.)
  • Fitness for duty evaluations (related to their job, etc.)

Some services may be available in languages other than English via an interpreter.

Learn more about forensic services offered through the Professional Psychology Clinic.