We aspire to create an information clearinghouse with public-facing summaries of current knowledge regarding mental health prevention and treatment. We are responsive to requests for expertise, developing briefs, and being available to lobby or testify. Faculty from DU have extensive experience translating research into policy and are happy to help community partners advocate for important legislative change.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Jen Greenfield

Dr. Jen Greenfield from the Graduate School of Social Work advocates for Paid Family Leave.

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Dr. Lolita Tabron

Dr. Lolita Tabron from the Morgridge College of Education published research on problems with policies that differentially recognize students from various racial backgrounds: Tabron, L. A., & Ramlackhan, K. (2019). Hypocrisy, State Policy, and African American Students With Disabilities: The Guise of Access. Educational Policy, 33(1), 181–204.

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Dr. Sue Kerns

Dr. Sue Kerns from the Graduate School of Social Work informs the Family First Prevention Services Act by developing a Clearinghouse for policymakers and providers.

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