Mental and behavioral health needs are complex, and effective prevention and treatment approaches require innovative solutions. Our internationally-recognized faculty are at the forefront of research efforts to support prevention and treatment with consideration of individual, family, and systems-level change. Here are some of the many ways we can help connect you to mental health research resources:

  • Graduate students and faculty mentors can help community organizations identify research questions, create a data collection strategy, and analyze results. Results can help community organizations improve their outcomes and inform policy.
  • Our team can help point community partners to the most up-to-date research related to their field of expertise (e.g., want to know about the best ways to support survivors of domestic abuse? We’ll connect you with a national expert on the topic who can help ensure you understand the science behind the issue).

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Kim Gorgens

Dr. Kim Gorgens from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology translates her research on the link between traumatic brain injuries and crime in a TED Talk.

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Dr. Anne DePrince

Dr. Anne DePrince from the Department of Psychology co-authored an article in Newsweek using research findings to debunk the claims that major political figures made about sexual assault.

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Dr. Jesse Owen

Dr. Jesse Owen received a $2 million grant to examine how clients who engage in psychotherapy can lead more fulfilling lives overall.

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Dr. Galena Rhoades

Dr. Galena Rhoades from the Department of Psychology runs a grant-funded clinical project aimed at providing culturally-relevant sensitive care to pregnant and post-partum women. Motherwise offers science-based prevention & interventions at the Rose Andem Center in Denver, and exemplifies the integration of research and clinical care in a community setting.

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Professor Kate Ross and GSSW Director of Community Engagement Trish Becker-Hafnor

GSSW Clinical Associate Professor Kate Ross and GSSW Director of Community Engagement Trish Becker-Hafnor collaborated to add an intentional and intensive community-engaged approach to the class Wellness Promotion Across the LifeSpan. Learn more about the concept of timebanking and 2040 Partners for Health.

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